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Historical Background

Sudan Airways Training Center (SATC) was established in 1968. It was a joint venture between Sudan Airways and Middle East Airline MEA. Sudan Airways share was in the form of capital SATC and training programs.

SATC continued to conduct a series of courses covering Simulators, Ticketing, Reservation, Air cargo, Accounts, etc; in addition to technical training. The training curriculum and trainers were of a very high standard. As a result, staff of reputable Airlines such as Swiss Air and KLM benefited from SATC courses. The SATC continued its activities through 1973 under Sudan Airways as a sole entity. However, advance Computer Courses and other technical program were provided.

SATC conducts the following training:
Technical, Flight Operations, Marketing (Ticketing, Reservation, Sales …etc.), Modern Management, Safety and Security, Quality, Planning, Computer and Language Courses.

SATC is particularly proud to conduct Professional Training, leading to Diploma in Aviation i.e: Flight Operation, Air cargo, Flight Attendants, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service ..etc.


SATC gets highly qualified trainers from Sudan and abroad specially from the AACO Regional Training Center and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
The SATC’s main objective is to elevate the performance and add values to Sudan Airways staff. The SATC strive to present world class training in the fields of aviation, technical training, modern management, accounts, safety and security, computer and customer services; making use of competent trainers and sophisticated training aids to square up to the challenges of globalization.
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