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1. Our Vision:

“To be among the best five airlines in Africa, regionally and internationally through integrated total quality services”

2. Our Mission:

“To provide the highest level of service, ensuring customer delight through competent people and customer focused systems and processes, securing sustainable growth and profitability”.

3. Our Values:

- Safety
- Customer Focused
- Accountability
- Integrity
- Excellence in Performance
- Valuing our People
- Team Work
- Diversity

4. Historical background:

The first flight, which landed in a Sudanese Airport at Shejara was in 1913; just one decade after the successful attempts of the Wright Brothers.
Sudan Airways was incorporated under The Companies' Ordinance (1925) Act; in 1947.
The early beginning of Sudan airways was with a fleet of De Havilland 8 Seater Dove Aircrafts. Sudan Airways was the pioneer in introducing seven 28 seater DC3 in 1952. The Company was the first in Africa to acquire F27 Turboprop-powered aircraft, with a 36 passenger seating capacity. Boeing aircrafts were introduced in the 1970s and 1980s; and the Airbus in the 1990s.

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