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- Sudan airways with its 70 years of experience is serving general cargo and special cargo such as fresh meats, fresh vegetables, dangerous goods, under application of IOSA standard and Sudan civil aviation authorities regulations. Its experienced staff is applying safety standard which complies with IATA and Sudan civil aviation authoritiesí standard.
- Sudan airways is serving cargo services with cargo aircrafts and utilizing spaces provided in passenger aircrafts to both domestic(such as Portsudan, Elfasher, Nyala, Elgenena, Elobeid and Dongla) and international stations (such as Cairo,Kano,Asmara,Addis, Jeddah, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and N'djamena) now Sudan airways is planning to avail another two cargo aircrafts A spacious aircraft for international services and another medium aircraft for domestic services.
- The geographic location of Khartoum provides an advantage of a (HUB) to serve transit cargo from Cairo, Saudi Arabia and Gulf area to all West Africa stations, Asmara, Juba, and Addis as well.
- Sudan airways provided services of cargo mail to both domestic and international stations. and also Sudan airways an agent for storing to a number of other carriers (Ethiopian , Jordanian , Yemeni)
- Sudan airways has storing facilities for inbound cargo with an area of 5400 square meters saving a storage capacity of 1000 tons which may be doubled after construction of racking system in a near future. also has a dedicated stores for transit cargo with capacity of 80 tons. also has Dangerous goods stores equipped with all safety equipments controlled by trained staff for acceptance and handling.
- Sudan airways export warehouse is the only way out for international cargo at Khartoum airport & has an equipped area for preparation of fresh meats fresh fruits for transport and also has two refrigerators chilled and freezer with capacity of 60 tons each. The export services is is provided to all carriers in an area coming to 3000 square meters. All direct delivery services are conducted in Sudan airways ware house.
- All customís services are provided because Sudan airways offered sufficient offices to custom authorities to ease and complete the procedures in an hour time.

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